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Referral Procedure

Step 1 -   Complete the referral form  by selecting the “Self Referral Form” link at the bottom of this page.   Alternatively we can accept a Referral from your Clinician or Physiotherapist outlining your clinical history and symptoms.  This will need to be sent to us on

Step 2 -   Once we receive your referral, one of our Consultant Radiologists will review and vet your clinical history on the same day to ensure the correct imaging protocol is applied when the scan is undertaken.


Step 3 -   One of our imaging team members will then contact you within 12 hours to arrange a date and time for your MRI Scan appointment   At this point we would also arrange a telephone consultation with a medical professional to discuss your clinical symptoms further.  Thereafter, an appointment confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with all relevant details for your scan appointment. 


We aim to have your scan booked within 48 hours with the Consultant Radiologist written report sent to you within 48 hours from the time of the scan appointment. 

Scan Appointment and Consultant Report


Once you arrive at our facility on the day of you appointment you will book in on the ground floor at reception.  You will then be provided with an MRI safety questionnaire with safety checks completed by your Specialist Radiographers to ensure you are safe to undergo your MRI Scan.  Thereafter, one of our radiographers will take you to our MRI suite to perform your scan.

After your scan is completed, your MRI scan will be sent immediately to one of our Consultant Radiologists to review your scan and undertake a written report.  We aim to deliver your consultant radiologist report within 48 hours from the time of your scan appointment.


On receipt of your MRI scan report we can send this to you and your referring clinician securely via email.  At this stage, you have the option to discuss the findings of your report with your GP and/or Referring clinician.   The report can then be used by your referring clinician or GP to assist in making a follow up plan based on your diagnosis.  If you require discussion of your scan report with one of our Private GP's please send us a request at the time of booking or once you have received your scan report. 


Please Note: Your scan report can be used for any future consultations you may have privately in the NHS or Private Sector.  If your Hospital consultant requires a copy of your scan images to be sent to them, a written request will need to be made by the hospital to us at


We are happy to send your scan images to any Private or NHS hospital if you have a follow up appointment with a consultant..  This will be arranged on your behalf via the hospitals Secure Imaging Exchange Portal.  A request by the hospital should be made directly to us on 



We accept patients who wish to refer themselves for MRI, but please be aware of and agree to the following important information prior to proceeding with the self referral form at the bottom of this page :


  • You will need to complete a self-referral form (bottom of page ) and clearly state the reasons why you wish to have a scan. 

      This referral will then be looked at by one of our Radiologists to ensure the correct protocol for your scan is applied.  If it is for a medical complaint, this should be self-documented. If it is for reassurance, that too should be stated.

  • You must be registered with a GP, or other responsible medical practitioner (e.g. for overseas patients), to whom a copy of the report will be sent.  This is to ensure we are able to 

    communicate results to your GP, Physio or other healthcare professional to ensure the correct protocol is applied.

  • You agree to take a telephone consultation call back with Medical Professional or GP depending on your clinical history.  This is so we can ensure you are getting the correct scan based on your clinical history.  We can arrange this for you within 48 hours at no additional cost.

  • If the Radiologist reporting your scan identifies any unexpected abnormalities which may or may not require further investigation, these findings will be identified on the report and any recommendations arising will be followed up by your GP.

  • The imaging report may contain medical terms that you may find confusing, but neither the reporting radiologist nor the MRI centre is able to discuss the findings of the scan directly with the patient. All enquiries about the report's content and recommendations (if any) must be conducted with your GP (or other responsible medical practitioner).

  • Your GP will have access to contact the reporting radiologist for further information if required.

If you would like to proceed with a self referral, please complete the form below by clicking "Self Referral Form"
Once we receive the form we will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your scan date and time 

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