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Better Care and Better Understanding

At Pro Scan Imaging, we want to be your trusted partners in health.  Our team comprises of highly trained specialists who have several years of experience in an array of services in the NHS and Independent Sector.  

We are here to help you book your MRI Scan in a matter of days or less using our State of the Art Widebore (Reduced Claustrophobia) MRI Scanner with written Consultant Radiologist report provided within 48 hours including weekend reporting. 


Other Imaging services we offer include Private CT Scanning, CT Cardiac/Heart Calcium Score Scans and digital X-ray Imaging.  Alongside this, we can also help arrange Ultrasound scanning and Mammography scanning.  Please scroll down below to view the services we offer in more detail.

Contact us by clicking on the link below to arrange your MRI Scan appointment and a member of our

team will contact you within 12 hours of enquiry.  

Radiology Scanning Services

MRI Scan - CT Scan - X Ray Services

We are pleased to Inform you we are able to arrange a number of imaging services including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography CT Scan and Digital X-ray Services.  Other imaging modalities we can help arrange include Ultrasound and Mammography.


We accept referrals from your GP and/or other medical professional including physiotherapist , podiatrist , chiropractor etc.  Each referral is independently vetted to ensure an accurate protocol specific to your symptoms is applied for your scan.  Once we receive your MRI scan referral we will call you to arrange your appointment within 12 hours.  We have minimal waiting times which means appointments will be available within 48-72 hours.  

Common areas of MRI Scans we perform include Brain, Spine, Knee, Shoulder, Foot, Wrist and ankle.  We also offer Brain and Body scan packages for very competitive prices.  Please have a look at our Brain and Body scan page for more information.

If you do not have a referral, please complete the self referral form on our home page by clicking "Book my scan now".

Our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed.  Schedule your scan today by clicking on “Book my scan now” on our home page.  Alternatively, visit our contact page for any other queries you may have.


Fellowship UK Trained Specialist Consultant Radiologist

You will be pleased to know that every MRI scan is reported by a fellowship FRCR trained Consultant Radiologist specialising in specific fields such as Musculoskeletal, Neurology etc.  We have a selected team of Radiologist who provide expert reporting services specific to the area being scanned.

We also provide an option for your MRI Scan to be double or dual reported.  This means your MRI Scan will be independently reviewed by two Consultant Radiologist which can add more value to the report.  After each radiologist has reviewed your scan images, a final report is combined in to one report ready to sent to you and your referring clinician.  Please contact us directly if you are interested in dual reporting option for your scan.

How long will it take to receive my MRI scan results ?


We can provide a report for your scan within 48 hours from the time of your scan appointment.  If you require a report within 12 hours we can provide this at an additional charge subject to prior arrangement.

Image transfer to NHS or Private Hospitals using IEP

IEP (Image exchange portal) is a web based application that allows healthcare professionals to securely transfer your scan images between hospitals including any NHS and private hospitals.  Upon hospital request, we can send any scans you have had with us directly to the hospital for a consultant or specialist to view on their systems.


Second Opinion MRI Dual Reporting 


If you have had an MRI scan either in the U.K or a foreign country and you would like your scan to be reported by two independent Consultant Radiologist for a second opinion.  Please contact us with directly on


Our turnaround reporting time for this service would be within 48 hours from receiving your scan.

Yoga at Home


Due to the design of our MRI scanner, patients who were unable to complete their scan on a traditional MRI scanner manage better on a widebore scanner.  This is because the scanner bore is 20cm wider in diameter which means there is a lot more room once you are within the bore of the scanner.

We will always have good lighting in the room and provide you with an emergency buzzer should you need to stop the scan and be taken out at anytime.


Many scans such as Lumbar Spine, Knee, Foot, Ankle, Hips and Pelvis can be performed by taking you in to the scanner feet first to help reduce anxiety you may have regarding your scan.


If you feel you are claustrophobic and would struggle to undertake your scan by yourself.  We can pre-arrange for a family member or a friend to stay with you at close proximity during the scan as long as they are safe to be in the MRI room (pending safety questionnaire checks).

Our highly experienced radiographers will always be happy to take their time to help you over come your anxiety and perform the scan in a minimal time to help you get a complete set of images.

According to the NHS, claustrophobia (an irrational fear of confined spaces), affects between 10% and 30% of the population and whilst the signs of claustrophobia are easy to identify, pinning down the exact cause is not so simple.  As the definition suggests, the fear is usually irrational and can often take an individual by surprise in the most unexpected situations.

Contact us by clicking on the link below to arrange your MRI Scan appointment and a member of our team will contact you within 24 hours of enquiry.

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