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Due to the design of our MRI scanner, patients who were unable to complete their scan on a traditional MRI scanner manage better on a widebore scanner.  

This is because the scanner bore is 20cm wider in diameter which means there is a lot more room once you are within the bore of the scanner.  Furthermore, the scanner bore is open on both sides.

We will always have good lighting in the room and provide you with an emergency buzzer should you need to stop the scan and be taken out at anytime by the radiographer performing your scan.  The radiographer will be able to see you in the scanner at all times.

Many scans such as Lumbar Spine, Knee, Foot, Ankle, Hips and Pelvis can be performed by taking you in to the scanner feet first to help reduce anxiety you may have regarding your scan.

If you feel you are claustrophobic and would struggle to undertake your scan by yourself.  We can pre-arrange for a family member or a friend to stay with you at close proximity during the scan as long as they are safe to be in the MRI room (pending safety questionnaire checks).

Alternatively, feel free to request a call back to discuss your claustrophobia and any questions related to your scan appointment.

Our highly experienced radiographers will always be happy to take their time to help you over come your anxiety and perform the scan in a minimal time to help you get a complete set of images.

According to the NHS, claustrophobia (an irrational fear of confined spaces), affects between 10% and 30% of the population and whilst the signs of claustrophobia are easy to identify, pinning down the exact cause is not so simple.  As the definition suggests, the fear is usually irrational and can often take an individual by surprise in the most unexpected situations.

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