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Book Your MRI Scan Now

No Waiting Lists - High Resolution Imaging - Consultant Report within 48 hours

To book your scan please complete click on "Book My Scan Today" on the link below.  We will then contact you same day to book your scan within 48 hours.     


The Consultant Radiologist written report will be completed and sent within 48 hours from the time of the scan.  Morning and afternoon and evening appointment available


Payment for your scan can be made on the day of your scan or up to 24 hours after the scan has taken place.


If you require another type of scan including CT Scan, Cardiac CT, Ultrasound or X-ray, Please use the same form below stating the type of scan you require on the form under the section "Scan area required"

This form will be indecently vetted by our Senior Diagnostic Radiographers and Consultant Radiologist.

Feel free to contact us directly for any further queries not detailed on our website or to request a call back.  Please be sure to visit our customer reviews section to see patient feedback and service experience.

Book your Imaging Scan today by clicking on "Book My Scan today" Option below.

Doctor Taking Notes

Pre Scan Telephone Consultation

Booked within 24 hours


MRI Scan Booked within 48 hours

High Resolution detailed imaging


Consultant Radiologist Report within 48 hours

Dual Radiologist Reporting options available

Image by Hunter Harritt

Imaging Exchange Portal Transfer

Hospital and Consultant Image transfer available

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