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Brain Scan

CT Scan Services

Book your Private CT Scan today and we can arrange the scan to be booked within a matter of days.  In order to proceed with your scan booking, please click on the link below "Book My Scan Today" and complete the imaging referral form.  Once this form has been completed, we will arrange to contact you to arrange your scan appointment.
Please note, unlike MRI Scans, CT Scan imaging uses ionizing radiation and for this reason your CT Scan will need to be vetted by one of our medical staff to ensure your scan request is justified and the appropriate protocol is applied.  In the event of the request not being justified, our consultant may recommend another type of scan which may be more useful for you to undertake.

Common areas of scans we can arrange to perform for CT Imaging include the following:

- CT Brain
- CT Thorax - Chest Imaging
- CT Abdomen, CT Pelvis
- CT Calcium Score Heart Scan
- CT Spine, Knee, Facial Bones Etc
- CT Virtual Colonoscopy

CT Calcium Score Heart Scan

A CT Calcium score heart scan shows a clear picture of the heart to help detect and measure calcium deposits and plaques in the the arteries of your heart.  The level of calcium deposit seen can be an indicator for potential development of heart disease or heart attack in the future.
Risk Factors include: Diabetes, Smoking, High Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Family history of heart disease.

Calcium plaques develop gradually and slowly over time  before any signs of heart disease is diagnosed.
These deposits can restrict the flow of oxygenated rich blood to the muscle of the heart.  Common symptoms which may indicate this include chest pain, pressure when walking, angina which can potentially increasing the risk of heart attack.

Calcium score is also an indicator for potential development of heart disease in the future.
As with any scan, a CT Calcium score scan does use ionizing radiation.  However, the level of radiation are relatively low and would equate to approximately 1 year of radiation that you would be exposed to from background radiation.
Your scan report will provide a specific Calcium Score.  This is the total amount of calcium deposits around the heart and the density of the calcium deposits.
The calcium score is normally categorised as No Calcium Deposit, Low Risk, Mild Calcium Deposit, Moderate, or High Risk.

Please click on "Book My Scan Today" to arrange your CT Scan today.  
Other Imaging Scans we offer include MRI Scan, X-ray, Ultrasound and Mammogram scans.  Feel free to contact us directly by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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