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Why use Pro Scan Imaging for your imaging service needs?

Rapid access to Imaging: Our services have minimal waiting times from the time of receiving referral. Scans are provided within 48 hours including 48 hour Consultant Radiologist report. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who need immediate diagnosis or treatment.

Dedicated Imaging Protocols: We offer individually tailored imaging protocols based on the vetting protocol advised by our Consultant Radiologist. MRI scans can be performed using various parameters and protocols which can affect image quality. Radiologists need to vet appropriate protocol based on the patient's specific medical condition or suspected diagnosis. Vetting helps radiologists determine the most suitable MRI protocol to achieve the desired diagnostic outcome. Overall, vetting is crucial to optimize the MRI scan process, enhance patient safety, improve diagnostic accuracy, and facilitate effective communication among healthcare professionals involved in a patient's care.

Dedicated Consultant Radiologists: A dedicated/specialist radiologist who focuses specifically on MRI scans has extensive knowledge and expertise in interpreting MRI images. They are trained in recognizing various abnormalities, diagnosing specific conditions, and providing accurate and detailed reports. This specialization ensures the highest quality of care and improves the accuracy of diagnoses. Furthermore, having a dedicated radiologist on board for MRI scans ensures prompt and efficient analysis of the images. This reduces waiting times for patients and allows for quicker diagnosis and treatment planning. When the same radiologist interprets a patient's MRI scans consistently over time, they become familiar with the patient's history as well as previous scans to provide more accurate and reliable interpretations which allows for better monitoring of the patient's condition over time.

Overall, having a dedicated radiologist for MRI scan services improves the quality, accuracy, timeliness, and consistency of interpretations, leading to better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Convenience and Flexibility: At Pro Scan Imaging we offer flexible appointment scheduling where possible, including day time, evening and occasional weekend appointments, making it easier for patients to find a time that suits them without having to take time off work or wait for a long time.

Aesthetic considerations: Some individuals may prefer private MRI scan services because of more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environments compared to public hospitals. Our Private facilities allow for a calming and welcoming atmosphere for patients including onsite parking, lift services and refreshments available on site.

Privacy and Confidentiality: We prioritise patient privacy and confidentiality at all times. ensuring Individuals medical information is kept confidential.

Additional services: Pro scan Imaging services offer additional services including Initial Pre Scan Private GP/Healthcare professional led telephone consultation, Written Consultant imaging reports, Consultant Image transfer for follow up consultations and access to specialist healthcare professionals.

This comprehensive approach to care can provide individuals with a more complete diagnostic experience.

Get in touch today for your imaging needs by getting in touch with us on the e-mail below.

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